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New Year, New Sofa: Our Top 16 Picks

As we are about to wave goodbye to the year that’s 2016, stop for a second and look around. Are there any items in your living space that you should get rid of or upgrade? Perhaps you feel like completely remodeling your house? However, if that option is too costly, you can start by replacing a few key items that can create a whole new feel in a room. Today we are going through some of our favorite sofas to get you inspired.

#1. Frances Tufted Chaise

Available in a variety of colors, it will add a touch of luxury and comfort to your space.

new sofa frances tufted chaise

Price: $555.  Available here.

#2. Kennington Sofas

Available in a variety of sizes and fabrics, this sofas are a great mix of simplicity and playfulness.


Price: from $798. Available here.

#3. Conners Tufted Sofa by Darby Home Co

Earth colors will be dominating 2017. Stay on trend with this beautiful sofa.


Price: $737. Available here.

#4. Jodi 84″ Tufted Sofa, Navy Velvet

So chic. So elegant.


Price: $1,596. Available here.

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#5. Twin Sleeper Sofa by Milton Green Star

If you host a lot of guests throughout the year, but don’t have a separate guest room, this couch is perfect.


Price: $288.99. Available here.

#6. Gramercy Park 80″ Leather Sofa, Brown

A good old leather couch is always in style.


Price: $2,795. Available here.

#7. Bretby Three Seater Leather Sofa

Another stunning option for those who love leather furniture, this one in English style.


Price: $3,841.64. Available here.

#8. Elise 84″ Tufted Sofa, Turquoise

Add a touch of retro to your living space with this beautiful turquoise couch.


Price:$1,195. Available here.

#9. Alwinton chaise RHF

We love this corner couch because of how customizable it is. The selection of fabrics and colors is so wide that even the pickiest shopper will find something he/she loves.

alwinton new sofa

Price: $2,220. Available here.

#10. Balster Premium Sofa by Rosalind Wheeler

Now this is fit for royalty!


Price: $1,174.21. Available here.

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#11. Yvette Quilted Sofa

This will make your room feel so cozy!


Price: $849. Available here.

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#12. Linen Glenlee Left Sectional, Wilcox

Over 10 colors to select from, there’s something very nostalgic and romantic about this piece of furniture.


Price: $3,298. Available here.

#13. Kirkby Loveseat by House of Hampton

Keep in mind, grey is the new black in 2017.


Price: $619.99. Available here.

#14. Winslow Tufted Sleeper Sofa

This sofa is like one giant pillow!


Price: $598. Available here.

#15. Pied-A-Terre Sofa, Judarn

For those who like their things to be one-of-a-kind!


Price: $2,398. Available here.

#16. Elliot Custom Sectional Sofa

This will add a beautiful pop of color, while still keeping things simple and clean.


Price: $398-529. Available here.

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