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Project under Construction: A bedroom in a box! – Washington

Client Testimonial:
“Spectacular results — each of the top six or seven entries gave me something which is going to contribute to the final design, and I could honestly have been happy with a contest in which *any* of those six or seven was the best I got. Instead, I got all of them, and I’m delighted. The quality of the design work on this site is consistently impressive.”

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Here are some pictures showing work on the implementation:

Caption: Roll-out trash/recycling/laundry bins. The lids inside the box feed into these bins.


Caption: The finished product: the front, finished up and with all the roll-out storage closed.


Caption: Interior, showing the headboard set at a slant, upper storage including cat-proof display shelf, and the wall-hung bed desk (which slides off and then sets down onto the mattress, for a larger surface than the lap desk).


Caption: Interior, showing nightstand, upper storage, the headboard set at a slant, and the fold-down lap desk in use.


Caption: Interior of the box, half-built. The mattress is in, but the roof isn’t yet.


Caption: The L-shaped dresser, which rolls underneath the bed platform.


Caption: Installing the wiring. The whole box plugs into a common wall outlet, and that feeds the lights and wall outlets inside the box.


Caption: The roll-out closet, which slides into the side of the box, right next to the stairs.


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