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#7 Tips on How to Select the Best Interior Design Styles

First things first: how well do you know various interior design styles? Let’s find out. Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge. Did you get a perfect score? Congratulations! You are already an expert. If you didn’t, check out our quick guide to interior design styles.

Now that you know the difference between contemporary and modern interior design styles, how do you select one that is guaranteed to make you happy? After all, each style has its own selling points. We have put together a few pointers that will help you decide.

#1. Research, research, research.

Instagram and Pinterest are your best friends at this stage. Go through visuals of hundreds of spaces and get your eye trained to identify elements of different interior design styles. Does this couch look retro or classic? Is this lamp’s style industrial or minimalist? Look at images of various designs until such calls come naturally to you.

research interior design styles


As you go through infinite Pinterest boards, try to pay attention to such aspects as colors and textures. Can you notice a tendency in your preferences? Are you more drawn to earth colors? What color palettes feel more soothing? Do you prefer neutral shades?

#2. Select a color palette

Now that you’ve done hours and hours or research, are there any particular colors that stand out? Don’t worry about putting a color scheme together yourself. Focus on the one color that you can imagine living with for a very long time. Keep in mind that colors can impact our mood, so be very thoughtful in your selection. Do you know which color it is? Great! Now, Google “Color Palette Generator” and use one of thousands online generators to identify other colors you can add to your color scheme. Here’s one such generator.

Take a Quiz: What color scheme suits you best?

#3. Identify the architectural style of your house

Is your house designed in a particular architectural style? There are numerous styles, including (but most definitely not limited to) Art Deco, Craftsman, Contemporary, Colonial, Mediterranean, Neoclassical, Spanish, Tudor and others. While you don’t have to match architectural and interior design styles, it may make the process of selecting a design for the inside of your house easier. It will also make the experience of being outside and inside the house more harmonious. For example, walking into a house architecturally designed in the style of a farmhouse, and seeing a French Country interior design will feel more natural and uninterrupted than if the same house is decorated in a high-tech style.



#4. Determine which fabrics and textures you prefer

Are you drawn to monochromatic leather furniture? Minimalist and industrial interior design styles may be a better fit. Perhaps, you are more drawn to funky, creative fabrics and designs? You may enjoy stronger influences of a retro style. Fabrics, textures and color preferences will be able to dictate much of your interior design.

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#5. Match your space arrangement to your personality

It’s not only about which colors and textures you select for your interior design. You should also consider what type of spacial arrangement will make you the happiest. For example, do you feel uncomfortable in a room with too many items of furniture and walls covered in pictures and paintings? A minimalist interior design is a better fit. On the other hand, do you like surrounding yourself with memorabilia, inspiring art and other precious items of decor? Perhaps you should go for a French Country style. Think of how little or how much space you need and match it to the interior design style.


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#6. Determine the purpose of the space

Interior design styles are meant to not only make you feel comfortable but inspire you. You know how they say “Dress for the job you want”? Apply the same logic when selecting your interior design style. Is it your goal to be a high-powered executive within the next 5-10 years? When you are one, what space do you see yourself in? High-tech or minimalist? Why wait till you get there. Let the space around you be an extra piece of motivation.

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#7. Don’t limit yourself to only one

Who said that you have to design the room in one interior style and that style only! You can absolutely mix and match two or more styles. It is a bit more tricky, however, as you need to make sure that items of furniture and decor in different design styles seamlessly complement each other. Check out these useful tips on how to mix and match interior design styles without looking like a crazy person.

Did you find these tips useful? Still not sure which interior design style fits you best? Try this short quiz and we will tell you which style matches your personality.

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