Arcbazar’s Top Designers: Americas

Arcbazar is a community of thousands of designers in every corner of the world. We are proud of the diversity of our network – different countries, languages, gender and levels of experience. A couple of weeks ago we did the European edition of our top designers – determined through an algorithm that takes into consideration numerous factors, including the number of competitions a designer took part in, the number of wins, etc. Today we’d like to introduce you to our top 10 designers in North and South Americas.

#10. Touyer Lee: Sacramento, California

Touyer Lee has taken part in 76 competitions, with more than half in the ‘remodeling’ category. Always clean and precise, Touyer’s designs have won numerous awards both from the clients and the public. This submission in the LLIZO RESIDENCE competition is our favorite.

arcbazar designer Touyer Lee

Feedback from clients: “The idea for the reception and waiting right behind it was unique, I am really going to consider adding that basic design to the final plan, no one else had anything like it.”

#9. dhhA-HienDuong: Houston, Texas

dhhA-HienDuong has taken part in 109 competitions over the last couple of years. While more than half are remodeling competitions, ddhA-HienDuong also took home prizes in ‘landscape’, ‘commercial’ and ‘new residential’ categories. While it is a tough call, our favorite submission comes from the Florida Family Room competition.


Feedback from clients: “Very nice! Your covered pavilion was exactly what we were looking for in outdoor space. Your idea of separate bedroom areas in the lower level was appreciated. We would love to be able to use the exterior finishes, but will most likely keep our existing brick. Nice job – thank you!”

#8. AP-E Design Team: United States

AP-E Design Team has 111 competitions behind its belt. The team’s portfolio is diverse, adjusting perfectly to each client’s needs and visual requirements. For our favorite pick, we’ll go with the team’s submission in the M360 Car Shop Design competition out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The client later uploaded the ‘after’ images and we love how closely it resembles the winning design by AP-E Design Team!

arcbazar designer ap-e design team

Feedback from clients: “Definitely meets the competition’s key criteria of “Less is More”. It’s a fantastic design that can be built. Excellent job!”

#7. Jeff Ribnik Architect: Fortson, Georgia

Jeff Ribnik has taken part in 73 competitions. Earlier in 2016 we interviewed Jeff. He introduced us to his design process, aesthetic and shared with the readers the keys to his success. We absolutely love his winning submission in the Exterior Design of New House competition out of Virginia.

jeff ribnik arcbazar designer

Feedback from clients: “Great work!! very well thought out kept it simple but functional and easy to build with out blowing the budget out of the water I hope to work with this designer in the future.”

#6. Lawrence Martin: Denver, Colorado

Lawrence Martin” is actually dynamic duo of partners in business and life – Larry Martin and Misako Yamaguchi, his wife. We had a chance to catch up with them last year as well. Lawrence and Misako have taken part in 67 competitions. The team’s submission in the Design a Restaurant competition based in Saudi Arabia is one in a long list of beautiful designs.

lawrence martin arcbazar designer

Feedback from clients: “This building is an exceptional fit in almost any older Brooklyn neighborhood. Can imagine this building as a real contribution to its block.”

#5. Arquitectura sin Censuras: Mexico

Arquitectura sin Censuras has taken part in 98 competitions on Arcbazar with most of them in the ‘commercial’ or ‘new residential’ categories. The team’s submission in the Modern Residential Apartment Block In Kenya competition is absolutely stunning.


Feedback from clients: “Loved your design. Your thoughts are unique and different. Thank you for your participation. You will be invited again for our 2nd round.”

#4. Kevin Filbertt: Texas

Kevin Filbertt has been taking part primarily in remodeling and interior design competitions. His unique style makes it easy to identify his designs, making it hard to identify a single one that we’d like to highlight here. Check out his submission in the Master Bedroom competition out of New Jersey.

kevin filbertt arcbazar designer

Feedback from clients: “What we liked the most is the variety you showed with different cabinets and flooring. Nice to see the options. We also like the extra storage thank you for the submission.”

#3. Libra K: California

Libra K. – or Ha Pham as she revealed in our interview with her – has taken part in 37 competitions with at least one entry in each category. As a result, her portfolio is one of the most diverse on the list. Today we’d like to highlight her entry in the Living Room – Dining Room Design competition out of Kentucky.

libra k. arcbazar

Feedback from clients: “Our team likes this a lot. In fact, we would like to take it to the Historic Review Board and see if they will approve it.”

#2. Arcadia Design: Washington D.C.

Arcadia Design has taken part in 163 (!) competitions over the last few years with 97 of them in the remodeling category. By far one of the most experienced design teams on Arcbazar, Arcadia Design is a veteran in design crowdsourcing. Naturally, selecting just one design out of 163 is almost impossible. There is something mesmerizing about this black and white sketch, part of the designers’ submission in the Decks, stairs, patio, landscaping to connect to the backyard competition.


Feedback from clients: “thank you for a very nice design. We were very impressed with your vision and use of space. I particularly liked the outside BBQ that had an inside/outside feel and opened up to a counter on the deck. The decks were beautiful and really changed the look of the house.”

#1. Gordana Vujasevic: United States

At the top of the list is Gordana Vujasevic, who has taken part in 113 competitions over the years. While she clearly favors remodeling projects, she is a talented designer in numerous areas. Check out her submission in a Canada-based Main Floor Renovation Project competition.


Feedback from clients: “I am impressed by how well you understood the design constraints and with the unique approach that you have taken with the project. Great job!”

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