Interview with Nevena Angelova: Interior Designer

Where are you from, where do you work?

I reside and work in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been an interior designer for 18 years now.

How long have you been an architect/ designer?

I graduated at architecture as I have studied both in Czech Republic for 3 years and in Bulgaria for 3 years.  I love my job. Each and every new project inspires me. I am best in creating concepts; I’m an artist by soul.

How did you get into the field? What keeps you excited?

I have a personal partiality for simple and modernistic style with a note of Zen. In my opinion, a good architect should not have a personal style, just extensive knowledge, experience and be broadminded.

What is your specialty? Style?

Interior design, especially concerning homes, is something very personal /just like a custom piece of clothing. That is why a good architect takes measures of a client and sews them an interior in their own style.

What is your favorite type of project to work on and why?

I am proud of most of my projects. The work is most enjoyable when a client gives you guidelines and leaves you to create.

Why do you enjoy using Arcbazar?

It gives me pleasure to work at Arcbazar because of the competitive way of work, the conceptualism of the projects and, to be honest, because I appreciate working from my own home and not having to deal with construction worker, plumber etc.

What advice would you lend to homeowners that might be building or remodeling?

To the ones that have decided to make changes in their homes or to have a new one I would recommend contacting a consultant. In this way you would save time, energy and money. When you make the decision to call a consultant, do not rush to buy or do anything beforehand.

When starting a repair or a construction, my advice would be first to figure out the functions, second to have a concrete distribution and only then to plan the wiring, plumbing and air conditioning.

Very often clients think that interior designers are there to inculcate their opinion on the way a home should look like. Actually, our job is to help clients achieve their own ideas by refracting them through functionality, aesthetics and style.

You can find Nevena’s portfolio HERE.

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