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Bathroom renovations are the perfect projects to quickly create efficient, beautiful and tranquil spaces at home. Remodels can go from a simple makeover to the ultimate luxury and can make a huge impact on home resell values. However, even if the space is small and the project is simple, many homeowners need help when it comes to designing a space that responds to their dreams and needs without breaking the bank.

Arcbazar, a Cambridge based start-up company offers homeowners the ability to create such spaces with the click of a mouse button. Projects are launched online through an open competition to a community of designers worldwide to offer customized design concepts that suit the client needs. “We want to give homeowners the access to creative, affordable and exciting design,” says Ana Batista, co-founder of “Our projects range from small home renovations, to landscape or commercial spaces.We can help design a beautiful master bathroom or an entire beautiful house. Our clients are always happy to see creative solutions and different design aesthetics they had never anticipated.”

Ali K., from California, had a bathroom stuck in the 1970s that needed a facelift. The ” Ideal would be a budget conscious makeover with a simple, elegant feel that won’t look dated

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