Designing Fabulous Apartments With New Online Home Remodeling Service


Designing the perfect apartment is always a challenge and a fine balance between achieving functionality and making the best use of space, light and views with a cohesive theme. Whether you lean towards a bohemian style, a luxury one, a minimal space or a more traditional look, Arcbazar can help figure out the perfect design.

Arcbazar opened in 2010 in Cambridge, MA, as a start-up with a truly innovative and catchy concept: homeowners post a project online and designers around the world compete for the project and offer multiple concept solutions. With a large portfolio of home design, interior decoration, landscape and commercial and public projects, Arcbazar is an unparalleled success.

Client service is a priority to the company, which claims to have close to 100% user satisfaction. “We love to talk in person to our clients and guide them through the process. We are proud to have a 24hrs platform where the client knows that we are always available on the other side of the line or a mouse click away. Nothing makes us happier then having clients blown away with the design solutions they receive and finding the process a fun experience”, says Ana Batista, co-founder of Arcbazar. “We do this with our fabulous community of talented designers that enthusiastically lend their creativity and expertise. Our goal is to provide clients withaffordability, diversity and high-quality”, adds Ana.

M. As, a client in Dubai describes his great experience with Arcbazar. He had recently purchased a 4 bedroom apartment and needed assistance to design it, “not just any design but one that would be unique with a “WOW” factor”. He launched a week-long competition and received thirteen home design concepts, opting for a design from Anarchitects, from MA. The result was the ultimate elegant space.


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