Nathalie Torossian: Interior Designer and Architect

Where are you from, where do you work?

I am from Armenia, mountainous country in the Caucasus. I worked for some architectural studios for about three years as an architect and architecture supervisor. Now I’m working as a freelancer architect. Mostly I do interior design works and buildings architecture.

How long have you been an architect/ designer?

I’ve graduated in 2009 from YSUAC and I got my bachelor’s degree in the field of design and architecture. I’ve completed my master’s degree in YSUAC in 2011. My most experiences are focused on interior design and architecture; I gain a lot of experience in this field.

How did you get into the field? What keeps you excited?

An opportunity to work with a team that will help people to feel and live in an environment that will increase the world progress in the field of architecture and design.

I really enjoy designing and making environments that people will like to spend time, walk, communicate, relax and LIVE. So we live in a world that is in an inseparable relation to architecture, we betide every minute and every single day with it. I can’t imagine my life without architecture.

I came from a small family, my father, mother and sister. My mother is an artist, she has a very important role in my career and successes, and she always pushes me forward.

Anything else you would like to include about yourself (family, hobbies, etc.)

I really enjoy reading, photography, painting and learning.

I like to see the world through the other person’s eyes and feel the entire world in the way how they feel, so reading and understanding other people is one of the most important parts that every young architect should know and follow; it helps a lot to know and find out about clients needs. I read a lot.

Photography and painting are my other hobbies, they make me feel calm, and it cuts my connections with this world and helps me to use my muse for my future projects. And of course listening to music is my integral drug to work on projects.

I really enjoy learning new things, no matter what it is, because in my profession you should learn anything in any field as much as you can, from Psychology to writing, you should know the rules and know when to break them. You should feel, understand your client’s desires and needs to help them reach their wishes.

Kitchen Remodeling Contest Entry
Kitchen Remodeling Contest Entry

What is your specialty? Style?

I couldn’t really say that which style I follow and use in my projects and designs. But I can say that I always love to make homes for my clients, no matter which direction I should go and follow.

The important issue and part for me is to make an environment that the particular client will like to spend time, enjoy, look, feel wonderful and LIVE. Whatever you do you should do in the best and literate way to make your clients contented and the environment well-balanced.

What is your favorite type of project to work on and why?

As an architect I like to work on any type of project which is related to architecture, it can be from very little details such as architectural ornaments, door handles and etc. to the larger ones like residential, commercial buildings and landscaping. I enjoy to design and finish my works from the beginning to an end. The most important thing is to like and enjoy what you do and what you want to have at last, in this case you can make and create the superior.

Why do you enjoy using Arcbazar?

I really enjoy using arcbazar, because it is a challenge for me to work with clients, knowing their wishes, understand them without physically being there and compete friendly with architects/designers worldwide, to know, to understand and to share my experiences with them and also use theirs on my future works.

What advice would you lend to homeowners that might be building or remodeling?

As an advice I can say, that clients have a large role during the design projects, they should know what exactly they want, describe clearly and give as much information as they could and keep the connections with the architects /designers closely. So their wishes could come true and realistic.

The searching, analyzing, finding out, and finally releasing are the architects/ designers job. They should learn a lot from their clients. They have to see through the clients eyes in a professional way.

You can find Nathalie’s portfolio HERE.

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