Attic Remodeling: Recreating Charming and Functional Spaces with Online Design


Attics are often favorite but neglected home spaces. They are simultaneously charming and trendy and are full of hidden potential. However, vaulted layouts can be daunting to remodel and decorate. Making the best of these additional home spaces by creating extra bedrooms or bathrooms, cosy living areas, offices and studios, or maximizing storage areas is a top challenge that requires a clever design. Many homeowners need help to recreate and personalize this great space canvas. Arcbazar comes to the rescue with an innovative crowdsourcing approach that let homeowners connect with architects around the globe for out-of-the box creative design.

Arcbazar runs international architectural and interior design competitions. Each project is launched online and designers worldwide compete and submit solutions for the new space. Clients can then choose the solution they like most based on their initial evaluation criteria. “We want to bring high-end design to everyday small-scale home remodeling projects. We want our clients to be able to create their dream spaces in an easy, affordable and fun way,” says Imdat As, founder of Hundreds of clients around the globe have already used Arcbazar for successful home remodeling, landscape and interior design projects. “We have helped clients build great kitchens, bathrooms, living space, basements, or outside patios, balconies and landscapes.”

Paul L., from Saint Paul, MI, had a colonial three-story house with an ample attic and needed help with creating a beautiful master suite while maximizing the space. “The space is very challenging as the ceiling is vaulted. Our house is tradition to the era. We would like the master suite to have this same sort of personality.” Paul run a design competition on Arcbazar and received seven proposals, ultimately opting for a design from MG Architect Studio in Italy. James T., from Wauwatosa, WI, had a similar project and wanted to transform his Victorian attic space into a master bedroom and create a quite library space. James received ten creative entries, with the first award going to Hyde Park Interiors, a design firm based in Chicago. Michelle B., from Cleveland, OH, also had a great experience. The homeowner had a small attic that she wanted to convert into an office that could double as a live-in area for guests. Michelle’s competition received nineteen great entries with the winning proposal coming from Lawrence Martin, a designer from Colorado. Arcbazar also introduced a new estimator tool for its clients to give them an instant quote for their remodeling projects.

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