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Furniture and wall art inspired by your favorite shows: Friends

Are you searching for inspiration to re-decorate your house? If you are a fan of Friends, you will find plenty of it in the TV show. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wall art

Monica’s French poster

Joey and Chandler’s wall art

Remember Phoebe’s creepy art? Well, we doubt anyone would want anything close to that, but there are options for spooky wall art.

phoebe inspired art

Laurel and Hardy poster in Joey’s and Chandler’s apartment

Black and white poster Joey apartment


Apothecary table in Ross’ and Phoebe/Rachel’s apartments

A couch in Monica’s living room

monica inspired couch

Chest of drawers in Phoebe’s apartment

Phoebe inspired furniture

The yellow couch in Joey’s apartment

joey apartment inspired sofa

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