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Upgrade your space with elements of Industrial design style

Industrial style is inspired by old factories and other industrial spaces.

Its aesthetic centers around raw and exposed materials, weathered wood, industrial lighting fixtures and concrete. This style works especially well in high-ceiling, open-space types of structures, however, you can borrow and adapt elements for practically any type of space. So, here are the basic rules of industrial design that will guide you through the process of remodeling your apartment.

Key Elements

Industrial style is about open space and minimalism. It is about displaying items that other design styles try to hide – pipes, chords, etc. – yet, at the same time, it’s about eliminating clutter. If you do not have a loft-type space to commit to a full out transformation, you can still integrate elements of industrial design in you room through such items as doorknobs, lighting fixtures, bookshelves, wall art, night stands, etc. elements of industrial design


Since industrial designs are based around raw exposed materials, color schemes are pre-defined by the materials used: muted grey, silver, brown, green, blue or black.

Mixing with other styles

Industrial design can be mixed and integrated with a variety of other styles. Here are some examples:

French and Industrial


Country and Industrial


Svandinavian and Industrial


Are you ready to get started? If so, we prepared a quick list of industrial style items you can purchase on Target. Have fun!

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