5 Easy DIYs to Fix the Curb Appeal

When it comes to Curb Appeal, creativity and a few inexpensive changes can go a long way. Take advantage of the summer months to tackle outdoor fixup projects and keep your house in top shape. Here is a roundup of easy tips to add instant charm and elegance to your home’s from entrance.

1. Play with Colour

A dash of bright colour will immediately lighten up the front of the house. Painting the door using a contrasting tone is an immediate easy solution! Alternatively, use paint to highlight the window frames, outside mouldings, or the deck, porch or stair’s railings.

Design, home decor, landscape, curb appeal, remodelling
Paint the Door in a Bright Colour

2. Bring in the Flowers

Design, home decor, landscape, curb appeal, remodelling
Use Colourful Plants

Adding colourful plants to the front of the house is a friendly-budget easy-fix! Think of large terra cotta vases with contrasting flowers, porch hanging baskets, or a small wall trellis with beautiful climbers. Another great tip: mix edibles with flowers for a visual but functional effect- we adore basil, rosemary bushes, and all types of lavender!

3. Create an Entryway

Design, home decor, landscape, curb appeal, remodelling
Lay an Entry Pathway

A few garden stones and simple plants can create a charming entry pathway that leads to the main entrance. Have space? Bring a romantic small table set outside for evening seating. Blessed with even more space? Create a small entry patio with a colourful wood bench! Modern floating locking floors make it a perfect project for even beginner DIYers!

4. Light it Up

Design, home decor, landscape, curb appeal, remodelling
Light the Outside

Floor lights, ceiling lamps, wall sconces, lanterns, or even string lighting. Nothing is more inviting than a well-lighted house that happy welcomes the passerby. Lighting up is an easy project that can be tailored to any space, budget and style. Ready for an eclectic touch? We certainly are and we are loving cotton balls fairy lights!

5. Give a Facelift to the Carport

Design, home decor, landscape, curb appeal, remodelling
Pretty up the Carport

Front house garages or carports don’t have to be an eyesore! Think outside-the-box to blend in these spaces. Construct a wood deck on top of the garage to gain in space and soften the facade. Another great suggestion: build a pergola to top the carport for beauty and shade!

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