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Trends in Restaurant Design

Opening a successful new restaurant is not simply a matter of food. Today, it is the overall experience that counts and space is at the core of the business. From lighting to materials, to function and styles, design can help make it or break it. We reveal upcoming design trends to follow!

1. Bringing Inside the Outside

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Incorporate Wall Windows

Tell a story and be part to the neighbourhood! Thriving restaurants are supported by the community and regulars. The idea is to connect and open the inside space to the outside and embrace the environment. Let the passerby look at what you do! Large windows, inviting lighting or patio spaces can do miracles!

2. Reclaiming Nature

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Make the Best out of Plants and Inside Gardens

Back to nature and raw materials! Here is the comeback of reclaimed wood, brick, ceramic, cork and metal. Think renewable, biodegradable, biostable. Plan to incorporate plants as an integral and functional part of the design and not merely as decorative items. Really trending?.. Plant an herb or small vegetable garden for in-house daily use – any space can be adjusted: a rooftop, a patio, or even a vertical wall planter!

3. Creating Multifunctional Spaces

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Create Versatile Spaces

Multifunctional layouts allow restaurants to maximize space and time of operation. Create niche areas to welcome different types of customers, host different functions and accomodate different schedules. Make room for lounge areas for afternoon drinks or coffee, open bars for light fare or late night cocktails, or even a dedicated children’s friendly corner.

4. Open Layouts

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Opt for Open Layouts

Welcome the organic food revolution! Nothing is more en vogue than learning about the food process. Offer your customers a visual and sensory participation in the daily local operations. Open kitchens, prep counters and raw bar areas are a recipe for success! Play with glass and wide layouts and let everyone enjoy!

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