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Stunning Master Baths to Draw Inspiration From

Last month Arcbazar hosted a Master Bath remodeling competition for a client in the US. This was not the first and is definitely not the last competition in this category, however, this particular one stood out by the number of entries and submissions. 42 designers and architects took part in the competition! Check out this map.Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 05.12.04In a way, we don’t envy the client who had to make the tough decision of selecting the Top 3. The client asked for a modern bathroom with rectangular shapes. Our network of designers delivered. We have selected 10 designs to showcase in this article, however, we strongly encourage to check out the rest on the competition page.

1. This is the winning design by Mai Nguyen from the UKmaster bath 1By the way, the submission also provides a full list of items used for the design, which you can easily purchase and implement in your master bath.

2. This beautiful design in darker tones was submitted by Umar Ijaz Architects from Pakistan.master bath 2Once again, you will find the list of materials used for this design with the entry.

3. This elegant mix of grey and beige tones is the work of Hoang Linh Vu from Vietnam.master bath 3This is Hoang’s first time taking part in an Arcbazar competition, so we are excited to see more from this designer.

4. This charming design in warmer colors is brought to you by Juan Paolo Cruz from Canada.master bath 4

5.  Moses Brown Atelier from Nigeria gathered the most votes, winning in the ‘Voters Choice’ category.master bath 5Like the design? Luckily, you will find the list of materials used in the submission.

6. Would you look at this gorgeous bathtub and the backdrop!? The design was submitted by Archideas from Albania.master bath 6

7. Here is a more whimsical design by an anonymous designer. Check out those awesome owls on the wall.master bath design 7

8. Mai Taha from UAE has gone the extra mile and submitted two variations of her proposal, so definitely check out the second one.master bath 8

9. This beautiful design was submitted by Dilan Senses from Turkey.master bath 9

10. Last, but not least, is the design by Ira N. from Romania.master bath 10

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