Store Design Online: Arcbazar Remodels American Small Businesses


Commerce benefits from good design. An appealing store, a relaxing spa, a sophisticated restaurant, or a fun gym. Every small business owner wants a distinctive place that reflects the company brand and philosophy. However, this is a commercial segment that is often estranged to creative and functional design, since few owners can afford the cost of professional work. Arcbazar addresses this need by crowdsourcing remodeling and interior design for commercial spaces. Every project is launched online and designers worldwide compete and submit solutions for the space.The clients receive multiple design solutions for their projects, and many american retailers are already using this opportunity.

“We are bringing affordable but high-quality design to small-business spaces. We like to see this type of business flourish in our neighborhoods and we want to support them as we can. Over the past year, we helped remodel many great spaces, so diverse as bars and restaurants, offices, local stores, and small medical practices. Every project is unique and tailored to the needs and expectations of the client,” says Ana Batista, co-founder of

Andrew D., who owns a brewing taproom in North Carolina, wanted to “fill in the space in a way that makes people feel comfortable and at home. Brewery taprooms are meant to be places where family’s can come to relax and have a craft beer.” He was looking to renovate the space in a way that reflected their love for crafting a local product for the local community. He run a project at Arcbazar and received eight creative solutions for his space, and ultimately selected a proposal from Steve Chomick, an american designer also from NC.

A similar story had Hashim A., owner of a small dine-in restaurant that “has been a top destination for both customers looking for a high quality delicious meal, or just a comfortable place to spend hours socializing with friends and drinking coffee.” He was “looking for a design that is a bit more elegant and refined. But we still want to keep our original identity, atmosphere, and feel.” After launching a project at Arcbazar, Hashim received twenty-one great customized designs, opting for a concept from Lawrence Martin, a designer from CO.

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