ARCBAZAR Nominated as One of the 100 Brilliant Companies of 2014


Entrepreneur’s Magazine elected ARCBAZAR as one of the most innovative American companies of 2014.

Every year, Entrepreneur’s Magazine lists the 100 hot American companies to follow and that have distinguished themselves by their ideas, innovation, or technology. Companies “that have amazed us with their unique solutions to common problems or marketplace voids, executed in forms both ultra-high-tech and strikingly simple.”

This year, ARCBAZAR makes the list. Founded in 2011 in Cambridge, MA, ARCBAZAR is a start-up marketplace that shakes the world of architecture and home design by bringing it online. The concept is simple and creative – crowdsourcing home design for regular homeowners. In three basic steps, clients upload their home projects, receive multiple solutions from designers around the world, and pick the design that suits them best. “We wanted to bring projects that never see an architect to the design sphere,” says Imdat As, founder and CEO. “Clients crave design but many times think their home projects are too small. Nothing is too small for creating. We have run projects to design a closet, a mudroom, or a curb appeal. We are always glad to provide innovative good solutions from great designers to our clients.”

ARCBAZAR provides services for home remodeling, interiors, landscape, new residential and commercial spaces. With hundreds of clients and thousands of designers, the website has run successful projects all around the world. Diversity, creativity and affordability are the guidelines. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s effective. “We have close to 100% client satisfaction and a community of talented designers that is receptive and engaged.” The company has received major media attention and their concept is disruptive and stirs heated conversation. That’s why we love it, we are bringing innovation to a quite conservative market, its a great challenge,” says As, he himself an architect. With so much hype, ARCBAZAR is now on the forefront of design.


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