Nicholas Karl: Media Room Design

I recently created a profile on the ARCBAZAR website which is a site that allows clients to post projects around their homes or on properties that they own for young designers like myself to compete. The site is awesome because if offers practical designs that will end up being built if you win the competition.

The first project that I did was a media room that included a bar and home theatre that seemed to be in the attic of this couples home. A lot of the project was already figured out and most of what was left was color schemes and acoustic solutions. This project was pretty awesome for me at this point because I never really spent a lot of time on interior renderings during school and did not really design much of the interior of the projects during undergrad. Doing this competition, I was forced to think in ways that I had not previously thought about.Also, I had computer problems and could not get V-ray to work to render my sketch-up model. I was forced to figure out the lighting and gradients myself for the rendering as I painted and overlaid in photoshop to make a sketch-up screen shot look somewhat realistic. I not only learned a lot while designing this project, but also in its final production stages.With about fifteen minutes left in the competition, I am one of four people to enter designs and renderings. I am very happy with the final product, I just have to hope that client is equally as happy.

Design Concept:
The design was meant to use material to make a functional and stylish space where a group of people can enjoy each others company while experiencing theater in the comfort of thier own home. The client requested a “traditional” look to the space with some modern flair and the combination of different woods and dark grey colors achieves that goal.Further requests from the client were highly functional spaces take into account materials and acoustics for the home theatre. To achieve that, carpeted panels were placed on the wall to allow the sound waves to be absorbed. This is also the reason that wood was used on the floor because it give a much more classy feel than carpet and also does well with it’s handling of acoustics.The cost was also taken into consideration as most of the furniture can be easily made out of wood and stained to give a more permanent feel.

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