Kitchen Design Going Online: Remodeling Beautiful Cooking Space on Arcbazar


According to the American Housing Survey there are about 2 million kitchen remodeling projects in the US alone, with an impressive $20B spent each year on these projects. $17B are used on major kitchen remodeling projects, averaging $20k of expenditures per project. Home-owners often rely on standardized solutions of vendors, or work with local contractors. Each home has specific dimensions and spatial peculiarities, which require significant design thinking to optimize the space, its functionality and offer high aesthetic quality. However clients of these smaller scale remodeling projects often cannot afford architectural services; or, even if they can, do not know where to look to engage the perfect designer for their space. Arcbazar helps home-owners to overcome these hurdles by allowing them to launch design contests among designers from around the globe, at a cost and timeframe they set themselves. Clients not only pay less than regular fees, but get on average nine submissions, that is they do not have to settle with one designer and one design approach to the problem. Arcbazar hence offers an unprecedented value proposition for home-owners who look for quality design acquisition at an affordable cost.

Arcbazar has completed hundreds of design contests for remodeling, new residential, landscape, interior design and commercial projects. “We want to bring high quality design choices to everyday projects. We want our clients to be able to create their dream spaces in an easy, affordable and fun way,” says Imdat As, founder of Arcbazar, “we have helped hundreds of clients built their kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living spaces and landscapes.”

Joe F. from Brookline, Massachusetts, launched a design contest to update their kitchen. Their space did not undergo any major work for 20 years. “My wife loves to cook, so we need counter space, storage; and, we want to make sure it is very functional,” says Joe. He put a timeframe of 4 weeks for his contest, and received six remarkable design submissions from around the world. Joe selected a design by Celeste, a designer from France, as his winning solution. “My wife and I really liked the competition. The hardest part was deciding on a winner, because many of the designs had aspects that we really liked and this gave us a lot of ideas for how we will remodel our kitchen,” says Joe, “I think had we offered more money we would have gotten more designs, but in the end I think it worked out well.”

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