Condo-owners’ Dreams Come True: Crowdsourcing Architectural and Interior Design Challenges Through Arcbazar


Condo’s are an integral and substantial part of the housing stock in the US. A condo, or condominium is a type of housing where a piece of a larger building property is owned by an individual, while common facilities, such as elevators, heating, landscape is operated and administered jointly by all building owners. The difference between apartment and condo is simply that the former is rented whereas the latter is owned. Hence condo owners have significant incentives to hire architectural designers do their remodeling and interior design projects. Arcbazar facilitates an innovative crowdsourcing platform that allows condo owners to start design contests for their remodeling needs in an easy, fast and affordable way.

On Arcbazar clients receive on average nine designs from all over the world, at the timeframe and cost they set themselves. “We completed many hundreds of projects with very happy clients all around the globe. Our goal is to give home owners an easy way to compare multiple design approaches for their architectural, interior and landscape challenges, so they can save on time, energy, and most importantly cost, in their quest towards getting the design of their dreams,” says Imdat As, CEO of Arcbazar.

Hugh K., a condo owner from Florida, owns a beach front condo in Miami. Hugh wanted to “blow up” the space, take down studs and rebuild the entire space into a two bedrooms, two bathroom, and sleek, “white” modern architectural space. “My wife and I were looking for different concepts for our dream of an ocean front condo with an architectural digest look and feel. We had talked to many people and gotten many ideas, but without the visuals of the plan, it was too hard to agree on the vision for the project. By using Arcbazar we were able to get different ideas and more importantly to contrast and compare them. This gave us confidence going forward in getting the floor plan, the look and the details coordinated in a timely and efficient manner,” says Hugh.

His project received multiple solutions from designers around the world, and he selected the design entry byYu-Ngok Lo, a young architectural designer at YNL Design from Culver City, California, as the winner. Yu-Ngok says “Looking at the pictures of the existing space provided by the client, an important architectural element, natural lighting, was missing in the space. The first thing that comes to my mind was to provide natural light to both bedrooms and increasing the lighting level of the overall spaces by providing a white color scheme.” Hugh implemented the design with a local contractor, and according to him, the best part is that the Arcbazar process gives clients a curated step-by-step procedure to accomplish their architectural design needs. “There was no one part of the process that we felt needed improvement. It all was simple and sent you on the right path,” says Hugh, “We are always looking at new projects, as our family business is in real estate, and we would be thrilled to get the chance to work with the caliber of professionals that we found at Arcbazar again.”


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