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10 Cool Pieces of Furniture and Accessories for Your Home Office!

Do you spend a lot of time working from home? If so, you absolutely have to carve out a spot – no matter how small – in your house or apartment that serves the one and only purpose of work. We found some great items on Amazon to serve you as an inspiration in setting up your home office.

1. First, you’ll need a desk. Unless you have a separate room to turn into a home office, purchasing chunky office desks may throw off the interior of the room. There are plenty of lighter options that will not weigh the room down.
Parsons Desk with Drawer, White Finish


parsons-desk-white-c 2. Next, you’ll need a chair – something comfortable, yet supportive of your back. This Coaster 102583 Round-Back Swivel Chair  is beautiful.

office chair 3. You also need a place to store your work-related documents. A regular file cabinet that you see in an office may, once again, destroy the integrity of your living room’s interior. An end table with a drawer is a solution. For example, this White Finish Modern Side End Table Nighstand with Drawer.end table with drawer4. Now that you have a place to sit at, sit on and store your documents at, you need to make sure your workstation is properly lit. Regular desk lamps can be quite boring. There are plenty of fun items you can purchase instead. For example, this iEGrow Dimmable LED Desk Lamp.desk lamp5. Moving on to desk supplies organizer. As with every other item on this list, you don’t have to go with standard boring options. Take this Zicome Recycled Metal Art Hand-made Pen Holder, for example.pen holder6. In fact, once you start looking, you’ll find so many fun options for your desk supply needs, you’ll want to order multiple, just because you will not be able to pick one. Check out this Post-it Karate Pop-up Note Dispenser with Pen and pen holder7. If you are a visual person and like to have project drawings, illustrations and lists in front of you, you’ll need a bulletin board. This Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit can be purchased OR you can make one yourself (if you drink enough wine).wine corks bulletin board8. Your home office, just like a regular office, should be decorated with items that make you happy and spark your creativity. It’s not all about pure efficiency. We absolutely love this Retro Flip Down Clock.home office clock9. Do you like to create mind maps while working? Then you probably need a whiteboard. You no longer need an actual board, though. Here is a Peel and Stick Dry Erase Message Decal Sheet.whiteboard10. Finally, you need at least one item that will be reminding you of why you are working so hard, of your goal – be it travel the world, start a family, become a CEO, or buy a sports car. Let these items inspire you, reminding you to keep your eyes on the prize. Here is a Home Art Contemporary Art Abstract Paintings Reproduction for those dreaming of traveling the map


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