Construction Manager Finds Ease and Reward in Using to Start Building Process


The job of a construction manager is a difficult one. Tasked with overseeing the entire lifespan of a construction project, this jack-of-all-trades is required to wear many hats beyond the standard-issue safety helmet. A construction manager must be able to speak the language of the architect, the civil engineer, the construction worker, and the carpenter while keeping track of permits and ensuring that all laws and codes are being closely followed. Indeed, the job of the construction manager makes remodeling your kitchen seem like a walk in the park; yet, construction managers can now find a little help in leveraging experts from around the globe with is a first-of-its-kind online crowdsourcing platform for architectural design services. While the majority of the projects hosted by Arcbazar lie safely in the realm of personal remodeling, interior design, and residential design, the site is being used more and more often by those looking for a starting point for larger public and commercial projects.

With, one can upload details, specifications, parameters, and photos of the proposed project, set a time frame in which the competition will take place, set the amount of prize money to be allotted to the three best submissions, then sit back while architects and designers from around the world submit their best designs. For many construction managers, Arcbazar has served to lay a strong foundation for the project by providing multiple solutions to compare for a fraction of the typical cost.

Though the construction manager has many roles to play throughout the build, each and every project starts with an intense planning and design phase – a process which can now be facilitated by Arcbazar. There must be great attention paid by the planning committee not only to the design, look, and functionality of the new space, but also to the construction materials and furnishings used in the remodel. Luckily, with, a construction manager can simply describe what he or she is looking for, what the budget is, and let the architects and designers do the rest.

Take the recently concluded project from Lexington, GA titled “High St. Commercial.” The manager charged with renovating a 50-year-old commercial building chose to take his first step with in order to explore design solutions he may not have previously considered. Detailing his vision for the project, the competition host described what types of colors, materials, and renovations he thought would give the space an updated but classic look while giving the architects and designers enough freedom to get creative. The result? “13 exceptional submissions.”

With the ability to maintain an ongoing discussion with contest entrants, the Georgia-based construction manager had a glowing review about his Arcbazar experience: “I absolutely loved this process and have recommended it a dozen times to other real estate developers and project managers. We had excellent means of posting our preferences and responding to their questions openly – a first class program.”

In addition to seamless discussion between host and contestants, the customer service provided by Arcbazar was top-notch: “I cannot say enough good things about Ana in the chat area of Arcbazar. Wow, responsive galore! She has answered immediately many times when I needed help. I wish there were services like this for all types of other services I need.” For this construction manager, starting with Arcbazar was a painless and rewarding first step in a lengthy process.

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