Arcbazar’s Top Designers: European Edition

As we are getting ready to wrap up this year, we decided to take a closer look at the Top Designers charts on Arcbazar. Our platform brings together thousands of designers and home owners. We run competitions of every size, on (almost) every continent. Some of our designers have been with us since the beginning. Many are a recent addition. Having hosted over 1,000 competitions in the last few years and having gathered over 50,000 submissions, Arcbazar has distributed more than $1 million in awards since the launch of the platform. None of it, of course, would’ve been possible without the dedication, talent and creativity of our designers. So, over the next few posts we are putting the spotlight on our favorite designs from Arcbazar’s top designers. Today we are focusing on those who are based in Europe. Note, that these rankings change over time as each designer’s score depends on the number of submitted projects, his/her success rate, customers’ rankings and a number of other factors.

#10. MG Architect Studio: Milan, Italy

Having submitted 45 projects, MG Architect Studio is definitely an experienced designer on our platform. Simplicity, efficiency and earthy colors make MG Architect Studio’s designs absolutely stunning. Our favorite submission is the interior design for a barn conversion for a competition out of France.

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Feedback from clients: “Thanks so very much for a careful and thoughtful design! You clearly paid attention to the aesthetic we were looking for, and the layout makes very efficient use of an otherwise small space. We look forward to building this soon!”

#9. Mika: London, England

Mika took part in 31 competitions, but remodeling competitions seem to be the designer’s favorite, having submitted 16 projects in this category. Perfectly adjusting to clients’ needs, Mika’s designs are as diverse as they are detail-focused. It’s extremely difficult to pick just one, but rules are rules. We narrowed it down to Mika’s Den/Nursery submission for a US-based project.

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Feedback from clients: “Thank you for your hard work and listening to my request. I really loved this! The curved roof, honeycomb pattern on the walls, and overall accurate layout to what I requested really impressed me. I will incorporate the large majority of this work into my final designs. Thanks again.”

#8. Marina Dil: Tbilisi, Georgia

With 80 submissions on our platform (!!), Marina comes in 8th on our list of top designers in Europe. You will recognize her designs by their clean lines, modern aesthetic and smart use of space. Her submission in the NOLA Renovation competition out of Washington, DC. is definitely one of our favorites.


Feedback from clients: “We love the open shelf to divide the areas, the glass door for teenager room, the “guest room” cabinets. The cover for heaters is very nice. The design maximized the open area, provided a great laundry room, and the renderings were great. Thanks.”

#7. Godji: Ruse, Bulgaria

Godji has participated in 107 competitions on Arcbazar. We absolutely love how his designs always incorporate such elements as light and surroundings, giving a client more than just an image, but an experience. Check out his front entry facade design for a client in Arizona.


Feedback from clients: “This is a design that seems very economical to build and would not overpower its neighbors.”

#6. Nevena Angelova: Sofia, Bulgaria

Another Bulgaria-based designer, Nevena took part in 79 competitions on Arcbazar. It seems that no project is out of Nevena’s scope of skills. She submitted designs in a range of categories from remodeling and interior design to new residential and commercial competitions. Check out this exquisite tile design and wall art for a Bathroom remodel competition for a Texas-based client.


Feedback from clients: “I am very grateful for your charming concept, also some board members found its style very suitable for our building. I admire your graphical presentation and that you have presented two options – with the canopy and without it.”

#5. Denisa Darlea: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Coming in number 5 on the list of top designers in Europe is Denisa. Her elegant, chic designs have won numerous awards both from clients and the audience. You absolutely have to check out her designs – master bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. They are gorgeous. We are selecting this Switzerland-based Chalet Exterior design below because it puts us in a very Christmas-y mood.


Feedback from clients: “This design is excellent. The graphics and interior design is exactly the feel that I’m going for (even though I wasn’t asking for it for this competition). The floor plan is nice and I love opening up the stairs- it really makes everything one cohesive space. I think the size/design of the kitchenette is perfect.”

#4. Pandora: Greece

Pandora has taken part in 70 competitions with a diverse portfolio of both residential and commercial projects. Her designs are always spacious and modern with amazing attention to details. We love her winning submission for this Fast Casual Restaurant for our client in Virginia.


Feedback from clients: “We LOVE the way the inside of the house looks – it fits what we were looking for in our brief and the style agrees with the materials we provided. Family room is bright and kitchen is big and connected. We liked the master on the top floor (some entries proposed putting it on ground level) for privacy and noise reasons. Bathrooms on upper floor are close together to control expense. Two fireplaces made us happy.”

#3. a+bd architects: Tirana, Albania

Opening the list of top 3 European designers is Bledi Dule. While he has not taken part in as many competitions as other designers on the list, most of them were spot on. His portfolio is heavily dominated by exterior, landscape designs, and he is definitely a master in this category. His designs take a client’s vision and take them to the next level, which explains his high winning rate. Porte Cochere – Office Building in Naples, Florida is one of our favorite designs.


Feedback from clients: “This came pretty darn close to what we had originally envisioned for our yard!”

#2. Natalie Torossian: Armenia

Natalie has taken part in the highest number of competitions among the top designers on this list. 217 submitted projects! Let us repeat that: 217!! Selecting our favorite design is a nearly impossible task. Natalie’s designs are as efficient as they are magnificent. But, if we absolutely must, we will narrow it down to her submission in the Ventnor NJ Condo Remodel competition out of Pennsylvania.

top designers in europe

Feedback from clients: “The family’s favorite design! Balanced, aesthetically pretty, and a good use of different shapes and curvatures. Our final build will be based on this!”

#1. Qarch Team: Leon, France

And the winner is Qarch Team from France! Having submitted the first project in June 2013, Qarch Team has since taken part in 186 competitions. Half of them are remodeling competitions, but you will also find plenty of landscape, interior design and commercial projects. Do check out Qarch Team’s portfolio as it is an endless source of inspirations! For our favorite design we will go with the team’s submission in the Large Family Free-Standing Kitchen. Loft Appartment Style for a client in London.


Feedback from clients: “Gorgeous, sleek, efficient, luxurious! I can’t gush enough about how much I love ever space in this design. The loft is particularly amazing.”

Which designer is your favorite? Stay tuned for our next edition: Americas.

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