Philip Proefrock: Orangery, a Residential Addition

This is a proposed addition for an existing 2-story brick house that was to add a new eating area attached to the existing Kitchen and a new Master Bedroom with a Master Bath and a closet and dressing area, within a fairly constrained envelope size. And the owner wanted it to resemble an orangery.


(the rest of the boards after the cut, along with some further thoughts about online competitions and freelance sites)

orangery2 orangery3 orangery4


This was for a competition on a fairly new website called Arcbazar that takes a new approach to online methods for connecting clients and architects (or designers, generally). It’s an interesting site, and I generally like the approach they are taking. It would be good to see more non-residential projects there, though.

The existing house in my model is deliberately not very detailed, so that the addition will stand out, although the existing house is, fairly basic. To my mind, there are flaws with this project, but, for me, architecture isn’t something one buys like a loaf of bread. If the client likes the ideas in this, the project would be revised and further developed, to come closer to realizing the client’s goals for the project. Architecture is a process undertaken between the client and the architect, and looking at images and making revisions are part of the process. But that can be lost in a competition.

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