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These are the Top Rated Executive Chairs

We spend on average 8-9 hours in an office every day. 5 days a week. That’s why we tend to personalize the space we work in – whether it’s by adding pictures of family and friends, selecting a specific desktop background image or picking out fun post-its and other stationaries. An office chair is one of the items that is all the more important to personalize – not only to match your taste, but to ensure that the strain on your back is as minimal as possible. So, here are the top rated executive chairs that you can buy on Amazon.

15. Realspace(R) Broward Faux Leather High-Back Chair

executive chair
“This is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a high quality chair at a very reasonable price.”

Price: $119.99

14. Global Arturo Executive High Back Tilter Chair

global arturo executive chair

“I don’t know what to say about the chair other than it’s pretty darn nice. I stand 6’2″ and this is the first big and tall chair that actually felt like it was built for a tall person. The top of the chair lands right about the middle of my skull. The chair elevates high enough to where my legs bend at a perfect 90 degree angle. Arm rest are not adjustable so lucky for me they are the perfect height. Tall people in the range of ballpark of 6’2″ be grateful for a real tall person’s chair.”

Price: $540.93

13. Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

alera elusion executive chair

“Excellent Chair and worth the extra over some of the lesser chairs. It has many adjustments and it’s comfortable to set in for a long day. If you a person who works from home all day, this is a great option that is less that an expensive Aeron Chair from Herman Miller. It’s a price performer.”

Price: $169.46

12. Homycasa Ergonomic Mesh Mid-back Office Task Adjustable Executive Computer Chair Pad Arms


“This chair is beyond excellent!! Very comfortable and the chair arms could afford much pressure. I love sitting on this chair and laying back. It gives as much support as needed. The shape supports my back perfectly.”

Price: $84.99

11. Global 19504 Tye Mesh Management Series High-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair


“We have had so many office chairs over the last several years. I have this office chair at work where I spent 14 hour days for the first year or more. It held up so well during that time that I decided to hunt the same chair down for home. I am so happy I did. It is the best office chair for the money! It holds up quite well and its comfortable to sit straight up or lean back for a bit. I ordered one for myself and one for my husband and we are both exceedingly happy with it. It also arrived fully assembled with plastic over the back half which was an added bonus. We didn’t have to spend hours on end assembling it and it felt much more sturdy in its already assembled state.”

Price: $342.88


10. VIVA OFFICE Deluxe Heavy Duty Thick Padded High Back Bonded Leather Office Executive Chair with Soft Spring Pack Padding

viva office executive chair

“I’m not usually one to gush over anything, but I am completely pleased with this chair. It is, hands down, the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever had. I’m working on a doctorate and spend a lot of time working at my computer and I’m in the chair anywhere from 12-15 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday, and 4-5 hours each weekday evening. I love the way I can just sink into the chair and it supports me completely. The arms are a good height for me and I love the leather and the padding. Absolutely top notch!”

Price: $369.99

9. Linon Draper Executive Office Chair

linon executive chair

“The cow print is very soft and lays down so none of the hairs are sticking you when you sit in the seat or the back. It’s cushioned very well and I have not had any issues of feeling uncomfortable if working while sitting in this chair long term. You’ll not stop running your fingers over the it, it’s a wonderful addition to any room. This comes almost fully put together. The box is really heavy due to the legs and base holding the chair with the medal base lift. I was able to put this chair together in 15 mins.”

Price: $181.49

8. eMod – Eames Soft Pad High Back Office Chair Leather White

emod executive chair

“This chair is very well built. The leather is exceptional. Every part on the chair is metal or leather. No plastic. The chair is also very comfortable and easy to adjust.”

Price: $395.00

7. WorkPro Commercial Leather Executive Chair

workpro executive chair

“I’ve had bad experiences in the past so I’ve been cringing, waiting for that sound of cracking plastic every time I lean back. Not so with this chair! Let’s be lean way back while still giving me support, adjustments for anything I can think of! I love this thing. It also doesn’t do that thing that leather does where it suffocates your skin and makes your body seat everywhere it comes in contact with the chair. I’m in FL so this is really easy to do. I’m not getting that at all.”

Price: $399.99

6. Serta 46024 Rincon Ergonomic Executive Mesh Chair


“Unbelievably good chair. I have back issues and have used this chair long enough now to be satisfied that I can work for hours and not get the pain issues I have had with other chairs. It might take a day or two to get used to this chair, but even when I’ve been working in the yard or on the move, I look forward to getting a little time in this chair because it makes everything line up and actually provides relief.”

Price: $645.09

5. Goplus® Black Ergonomic Desk Task Office Chair High Back Executive Computer New Style Black


“What makes this chair great is the strong bottom plate that connects the seat to the back rest of the chair. Other chairs don’t have this added sturdiness for bigger heavier people. After having broken two of the generic popular chair that only connect the seat to the back through screws on the arm rests this chair has that plate on the bottom that connects the two. This chair is VERY comfortable and very sturdy with parts made of iron and wood on the base and arms. Very sturdy chair highly recommended for bigger people. Pictured is the bottom of the chair with the supportive plate which most other computer chairs don’t have.”

Price: $166.95

4. Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair Executive Ergonomic Heated Vibrating


“Great product for the money. The chair itself feels high quality, is like a purr, which feels great on my joints.”

Price: $190.97

And now the top 3

3. Linon Sinclair Executive Office Chair

lincoln executive chair

“Excellent chairs. I purchased two for our home office and they were easy to put together and are very high quality. I’m pretty sure they must have been priced wrong, because these chairs look and feel like very high-end chairs. They fabric is very soft and the chairs are super sturdy.”

Price: $320.99

2. Homdox Mesh Office Chair with Mesh Padded Seat, Dual Wheel Casters, 360 Degree Swivel Mid-Back Black Chair for Office, Family, Conference Room and computer desk


“I was looking for a simple yet comfortable desk chair. And this is what I need.”

Price: $74.99

1. eMod – Eames Style Softpadded Management Office Chair Reproduction Leather

eames executive chair

“Really great looking and good quality fit and finish. A very high quality reproduction. I love this chair. With a home in Palm Springs you need that modern vibe and this fills the bill. I buy lots of designs for mid-century architecture and this was one of the best reproductions I have found. EModern Furniture is a great resource, the customer service provided by the seller is the best I have ever experienced with an online retailer. I will be looking to them for my next purchase.”

Price: $395.00

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