Luxury is a State of Mind: Tiny Houses

Last week we looked at the types of houses you can purchase in various states for half a million of dollars – in some states that will get you a 4-bedroom house with a swimming pool, in others you can only afford a 2-bedroom apartment. In either case, there is no argument that $500,000 is a lot of money for most people. So, this week we are looking at more affordable spaces – micro houses.

“Tiny Living” is an architectural and social movement, which stems from the notions of minimalism and simplicity. It’s a return to houses of less than 1,000 square feet (93 square meters). The goal is to get out of the consumerist state of mind and eliminate any items or habits that are not essential. While some opt for tiny living because of the idea behind the movement, for many it is the only type of space they can afford. We did some research into tiny houses and were pleasantly surprised by their creativity and utilization of space. So check it out for yourself.

Contemporary Tiny House on Wheels in San Diego, CA can be purchased for $59,000.

Tiny House CA

This tiny house in Greensboro, NC is all yours for $47,999

Tiny House NC

Here is an unfurnished tiny house in San Marcos, CA for $38,000

Tiny House San Macros

Here is one created by Perch and Nest

Tiny House PN

This one is located in Shoreline, WA

tiny house WA

The most important thing about micro houses is to customize everything to your preferences and needs. So if you can’t find one on the market, you can always build one. Arcbazar hosted a competition “Design a Rockin’ Tiny House.” Check out some of the submissions.

By MG Architect Studio from Italy

Competition Tiny House

This one is by Qarch Team from France

Tiny House 2

This design was submitted by Architect from the US

Tiny House 4

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