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DARPA selects Raytheon and the University of Hartford to Work on AI-Driven Conceptual Designs

DARPA – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – has selected a team at Raytheon and the University of Hartford to create artificial intelligence software that would automate design for conceptual designs in architecture.

Raytheon and the University of Hartford will collaborate to develop CODDLE – COmpositional conceptual Design by Discovery via deep LEarning through DARPA’s Disruptioneering program.

The research aims to develop function-driven deep neural networks (DNNs), trained with design data from Arcbazar, to generate novel and innovative conceptual designs for the initial phase of a building’s design process.

The project is a collaboration between Dr. Prithwish Basu, computer scientist at Raytheon, and Dr. Imdat As, co-founder at Arcbazar and professor of architecture at the University of Hartford.

Arcbazar supports research in AI to develop and expand the reach of high-quality architectural design around the world.

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