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17 Stunning #KitchenDesign Inspirations from Instagram

A kitchen is more than just a space for cooking. It is a place that can set your mood for the day over a morning cup of coffee. This is where your family often times gathers for breakfast or dinner. While it is important to think of this space in terms of functionality and practicality, don’t forget about the elements that would make it truly personal. We went through hundreds of kitchen designs on Instagram and selected our favorite ones to serve as your inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Beautiful exposed brick walls


A photo posted by @designerfunk on

The raw bricks gives a more industrial feel to the kitchen, while simultaneously making it more cozy.

2. Multi-colored walls   


A photo posted by James Kitchens (@james_kitchens) on

You don’t have to have your entire kitchen painted in the same color of white, grey, beige or light yellow. Have fun, play around with bolder colors to give the space more personality.

3. Your personal tiny garden in the kitchen

Why shop for dried cilantro, mint and oregano when you can grow them organic in your own kitchen garden. Not only is it will come in handy when cooking, it is a beautiful bright spot in the design of the kitchen.  

4. Minimalism with a splash of color  

This kitchen design is so simple, yet it is not boring thanks to teal high chairs. We also love the combination of materials, which create a very neat looking yet homely vibe in this kitchen.

5. Color-blocking the space

A photo posted by 43hundred (@43hundreddesign) on

Color-blocking distinctly separates kitchen space into a cooking and eating areas

6. Creative tiles

A photo posted by @tiletuesday on

You can give your kitchen a country vibe with simply the right selection of tiles. We absolutely love these ones – they brighten up the space, giving it a more personal touch.

7. Unexpected designs

There is so much we love about this design, from the giant fork on the wall to teal accent colors in elements of the decor to lego-inspired cabinets.

8. Taking advantage of natural light

A photo posted by The RED Vault (@theredvault) on

High ceilings can give your kitchen a completely different look if you have the option of playing with natural light. Also, what a great blend of different design styles!

9. Unique items of decor

These elements can truly personalize your space. So whether you create them yourself, spend a few hours at the flea market or purchase them from a designer shop – definitely pay attention to the accessories.

10. Industrial lights

A photo posted by Jackie (@spaces_by_jackie) on

These giant lights over the dining table make this space look chic and modern.

11. Combining spaces

A photo posted by Cantoni (@cantonidesign) on

Who said you can’t have your library in the kitchen? After all, kitchen is used by so many people as simply a place to pour wine after a long day at work. You know what goes well with wine? Books!

12. Simplicity combined with creativity

This space beautifully combines simplicity in materials and colors in the upper half of the kitchen, and bold colors and strong designs in the lower half.

13. Small space = lots of room for creativity

A photo posted by arcbazar (@arcbazar) on

You really have to be creative to make small space feel larger and not constrained by various elements of design. From bold colors to unique accessories, don’t feel limited in your options.

14. Simple large spaces

A photo posted by arcbazar (@arcbazar) on

On the other hand, if you have an open floor plan with lots of space, don’t feel the need to fill it up with as many items as possible. Embrace the uncluttered space.

15. Open shelves as opposed to regular cabinets

A photo posted by Cathleen Simmons (@assemblyla) on

Instead of hiding your dishes, make them a part of your interior design.

16. You can never go wrong with black and white

It is a splash of chaos perfectly balanced out by the structure created through symmetrical stripes and limited colors.

17. Less is more not always

You can either stick to the simple elegance of minimalism or really commit to exaggeration. The results will be stunning either way.

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