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15 Stunning Office Designs on Instagram

Companies are increasingly paying attention to their office design striving to create an environment where its employees will feel more creative, productive and engaged. It makes sense. If your employees feel comfortable in an office, have dedicated space where they can work in private, but also have an area for team collaboration, they will have fewer distractions and be more dedicated to their tasks. Creating the environment that inspires employees is a challenge, however. According to research by Ipsos and Steelcase, nearly 90% of workers around the world are less than satisfied with their work environments. So, if you are thinking of remodeling your office space, take a look at some of our favorite office designs on Instagram and get inspired.

Industrial Office Designs

This is a coworking space that also features a coffee shop downstairs. It looks raw, simple and spacious.

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Exposed materials – wood and metal – are balanced out by pops of bright colors.

It is spacious with subtle pops of color. It is both beautiful and does not contain any major distractions.


This doesn’t quite feel like an office, does it? Often times, that’s the point. Eliminate elements of standardized offices and rather focus on creating a space where employees will enjoy spending their time.

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Accent Colors

The monochromatic design of this office will make you feel organized and focused, while the colorful pictures will provided you with a dose of inspiration when necessary.

This design is not distractive, yet it does not look boring either. Accent colors make is more playful, while the industrial design gives the feeling of efficiency.

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This office design features a rainbow of colors. However, it breaks down the monotonous feel that employees often deal with in such post-cubicles open-office spaces.

This space features a mix of design styles, which work beautifully together. The pops of red both complete the design and make it stand out.

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The design feels clean, yet, due to green colors, it does not feel cold. There is an element of nature incorporated in the elements of precision and organization.

Spacious Office Designs

It is airy, it is light. There is space for creativity, for innovation.

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If you don’t have too much space, fake it by creating the illusion of space through minimalist decor and light colors.

Geometrical shapes give the feel of precision, accuracy. Bright colors indicate that there is space for creativity and enjoying your time at the office.

Relaxation Areas

No matter how small or big, make sure to create space where employees can simply relax – for a drink after work or a meal during lunch.

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Warmer colors and darker lights will give your employees a much-needed break from daily hassles and stress.

Don’t underestimate the power of a foosball or a pool table in the office. The next brilliant idea can be conceived while your employees are relaxing during break time and exchanging ideas.

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