15 Brilliant DIY Tips to Get Your Apartment Ready for Spring

Spring is just around the corner. Depending on where you live, it may not feel like it. However, before you know it, the snow will melt, the trees will start to blossom, and you will be enjoying the sound of birds in the morning. So as you sit with a cup of hot coffee dreaming about the time when you don’t have to put on ten layers of clothes, we suggest that you spend the next few weeks getting your apartment or house ready for spring.
Remodeling may sound like a huge hassle; you have to hire a contractor, get in touch with an interior designer, shop for furniture, live in complete chaos, and spend a significant amount of money. If you are ready to commit to a complete makeover, we have fantastic designs to inspire you here. However, in the meantime, there are small things you can do to give your apartment a fresh look. The best part is that these alterations will cost you little to nothing. To help you get started we put together a list of some of our favorite DIY inspirations.

1. Take a magazine holder and an old picture frame, and turn them into a bedside table.

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2. Use your pillow cases as a canvas for your imagination.


3. Create an accent wall with bold colors and your favorite photos.

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4. In fact, get creative with decorating you walls with fun memories of trips, family gatherings, and nights out with friends.

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5. Do you have an old baby crib taking up space in your garage? Put it to better use by turning it into a multi-functional stand with shelves.

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6. We are ready to bet that you have a number of random items that, for some reason, you never got around to throwing away! Give them a purpose by using them as unexpected items of décor.

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7. A ladder is a truly multifunctional item. Use one to create shoe shelves, for example.

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8. All you need to put together a new stylish coffee table is a wooden pallet, a set of four wheels, and some paint!


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9. You don’t need to replace your drawer unit if you think it looks outdated.


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10. Who said glow-in-the-dark stickers are just for kids?

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11. Give your chairs a makeover.

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12. In fact, make a paint brush your best friend – whether you are creating a statement wall in your home office or giving a glamorous makeover to old pieces of furniture.

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13. Remember how much fun it was playing with legos when you were a kid? Use wooden boxes as building blocks to create bookshelves of any size and shape.

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14. Use some wooden planks to add a headboard to your bed. Decorate it with lights or photos.


15. Just make sure to pay attention to details. That’s where the beauty is.

Your home should be a place that brings you comfort, joy, and inner-peace. It shouldn’t be a place where you make a cup of coffee before you rush off to work and fall asleep at after pulling crazy hours at the office. Stay tuned for more tips and inspirations.

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