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10 Interior Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

Arcbazar receives dozens of absolutely stunning designs on a daily basis. They come from our international network of designers who submit their ideas to various competitions – be it a commercial development, home remodeling or a landscaping project. Today we’d like to share with you a selection of our favorite designs. This list is far from exhaustive. We could include another set of 40-50 designs easily, but we’re afraid this blog post would just get way too long. So, enjoy!

— 1 —
So spacious, so clean, so perfect to be productive!

Home OfficeThis home office is part of the design of the entire newly built apartment. The client was looking for the complete interior design in a modern, stylish and yet practical way. See all submissions here.

— 2 —
Clean lines, accent colors, a beautiful fireplace – what more could we ask for?

dining roomThis living room is part of the competition submission for an entire home! See more design inspirations from the competition here.

— 3 —
It’s just cool!

loftThis Boston loft design drew in so many amazing submissions that it was difficult to select which one to post here! So make sure to take a look at the rest of the entries.

— 4 —
Imagine a summer morning in this sun-filled kitchen.

kitchenThis is only one of the spaces created by the designer for this New England Tudour. You must see the living room!

— 5 —
Do you know what the best part of this bedroom is? It used to be a barn! That’s right, a barn was transformed into a beautiful living space with a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom.
barnThis submission won in the ‘Popular Choice’ category. Check out which designs were selected the finalists as well as the rest of the submissions here.

— 6 —
Brick walls combined with soft textiles – this living room is as cozy as it is gorgeous!

florida houseYou have to see the rest of the house – the second living room, the dining room, the bedrooms, the kitchen and the master bathroom. This Florida lake house is stunning.

— 7 —
The colors and the pattern make this master bathroom truly unique.

bathroom If you think this is great, you should check out the bathtub! Perfect for a relaxing evening with a good book and a glass of wine.

— 8 —
We could live in this master bathroom!

This is heaven. There are 9 more designs for this project that you have to take a look at!

— 9 —
So much space, so much light – this living room is floating!

loungeCheck out the rest of the house and the rest of the submissions here.

— 10 —
This combination of a living room and a kids’ area is brilliant! Oh, and, by the way, this is a basement remodel.

family room You will find so many more creative submissions for this competition here.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of interior designs. They were all created by our network of architects and designers. The best part? Our clients paid a fraction of what they normally would to an interior designer and got on average 10 submissions from talented designers from all over the world. Start your competition with Arcbazar. You’ll love it!

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