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Top 15: Our Favorite Articles on Architectural Design this Fall

Many people don’t like fall. We can’t understand why. Yes, it gets colder. Yes, it rains more often. However, it is nothing compared to how beautiful this season is. The world around us is full of red, orange and yellow colors. Families get together for Thanksgiving. And nothing can beat the pleasure of reading a book or watching your favorite movie to the sound of rain outside. You can also curl up in a warm blanket and catch up on your reading of some of the best articles across the web on architectural design.

Interior Design

1. Design Compass: The Comprehensive Interior Design Style Guide by @structurespace
architectural design basicsThis article provides a great overview of various interior design styles – the look, the background and how different interior design styles can be mixed and matched.

These color combinations are indeed beautiful. For example, Black + White + Klein Blue + Silver gives the space a calm, serene look, yet thanks to white and silver colors it doesn’t look gloomy.

We absolutely feel in love with this tiny kitchen which is designed to perfection! The size of the kitchen does not prevent it from looking chic and airy. Absolutely gorgeous!

4. 10 MODERN LOFTS WE’D LOVE TO CALL HOME by@element75 on @designmilk
You will spend at least an hour looking at the images of this brilliantly designed lofts. Ranging in architectural design styles, there is something for everyone.

5. Eating off the floor: Modern Paris apartment’s floor becomes the dining table by @kimberleymok on @TreeHugger
An unexpected yet genius way to transform your space. It almost feels like an illusion. Check out this minimalist open-concept space discovered by Kimberley Mok.

6. 8 Room Design Tricks Interior Decorators Would Never Tell You for Free by @kelseykloss on @readersdigest
Most people hang artwork too high. Place a piece so its bottom is only three to eight inches above furniture—lower for large pieces and slightly higher for small pieces. When there’s too much space between furniture and a painting, the eye rests on the void, blank wall between the two pieces. Check out the article for more tips.



7. DIY Decor Projects Worth Tackling This Fall by Angela Elias on @POPSUGARHome
From upgrading the look of your sofa to turning photos into wall art to building a tufted headboard – this article is a collection of amazing DIY projects ranging in the level of complexity and budget.

8. DIY Furniture Makeover: Shibori Stained Bench by @maryelizabeth

This video goes to show that you can take the most basic furniture and customize it to your taste and design vision.

9. Home Diy :: A Thrifted Objet Mirror by @casslavalle
It is amazing how you can take the most random items you find in your house or purchase at a thrift store and turn them into something out of a magazine.

10. How to Build a Shutter Side Table by @goodhousemag
Alright, this article was not exactly written in fall 2016, however, we found it through another article that was, so that counts. We had to include this DIY project on the list. Check out the article and you will see why

11. Kids Couch – 2×4 DIY Sectional with Crib Mattress Cushions by @anawhitediy
Ana White has put together a tutorial for an easy DIY kids couch made with 2x4s and crib mattresses. It’s inexpensive, easy to make and is perfect for kids.

Ingenious architectural design and home tech

12. This micro apartment has moving furniture by @thisisinsider

Ori is a system of moveable furniture for tiny apartments. It’s designed by Silicon Valley’s most famous designer, Yves Béhar.

13. Google Home starts battle with Amazon for living rooms by @alexhern on @guardian
If you are a smart home enthusiast, then you’re in for a treat. Google has unveiled its Google Home speaker this week, which will hit the market in November. It’s a digital assistant, competing directly with Amazon Echo. The product is currently available for preorder and will set you back $129.

14. Top 10 Trends in Smart Home Technology by Lisa Montgomery on @electronichouse
Lisa Montgomery takes a look at some of the innovations that will shape the way you live and enjoy your home.

15. Shape-shifting table can transform from coffee setting to dining table in a second by @lukedormehl on @DigitalTrends

top-black-whiteThis table transforms from a coffee table into a dining table in a matter of seconds. The design of it is both brilliant in its simplicity.

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