Alan: Remodel Home for MIT Scientist, Massachusetts

“We are doing a major re-model of our 1950’s house, including a new kitchen and a completely renovated and expanded 2nd floor, and were intrigued by the unique concept of crowd-sourcing architecture that arcbazar offers. We provided arcbazar with as much information about the house and location as possible (including photographs and drawings), as well as a detailed description of our needs and goals for the project, which is all posted on-line at arcbazar for participating architects to review. The whole process is completely anonymous from the customer’s point of view; during the competition, the identity of the participating architects was not revealed to us, nor our identity or detailed location to the designers. The identity of the winning designers was revealed to us only after the end of the competition. Do’s: Provide as much information to the designers as possible. Think very carefully about your requirement and write them clearly. When designers have questions, answer them promptly and thorougly. Most of the submissions were excellent, but more importantly, we had the luxury of choosing specific ideas that we really liked from each of the designers. In addition, the arcbazar people were most pleasant and helpful through the whole process. Highly recommended.”

To view the competition please click here.

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