Marisa: Mid-Century Rancher Rejuvenation, Colorado

“We ran a contest for ideas and plans for a mid-century modern whole house renovation plus an addition to our garage, all on a limited budget. We explained our project in detail using Arcbazar’s helpful questions and then uploaded images of our existing house. We ran the contest for 3 weeks and had many designers submit questions. Throughout the process, the staff at Arcbazar were very helpful and responded to my emails very quickly. In the end we had several excellent designs to choose from and were very impressed with the results. All of the designers provided 3d renderings making it easier to envision the finished product and make good decisions. The winning designer provided us with better ideas and plans than we had envisioned. It was a smooth, easy process and we would do it again. We had an excellent experience! We feel like we got an excellent product for a steal! After the contest, we were connected with our winning designer and have continued to work with him on minor changes to the design. I cannot write enough good things about the whole process, the staff at Arcbazar, and the winning designer. We are very satisfied and I highly recommend Arcbazar! We will use them again for sure.”

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