Hugh: Miami Beach Oceanfront Condo, Florida

“We were very happy with the arcbazar project. My wife and I were looking for different concepts for our dream of an ocean front condo with an architectural digest look and feel. We had talked to many people and gotten many ideas, but without the visuals of the plan, it was too hard to agree on the vision for the project. By using arcbazar.com we were able to get different ideas and more importantly to contrast and compare them. This gave us confidence going forward in getting the floor plan, the look and the details coordinated in a timely and efficient manner. The actual photos and the layout of the unit were all that was required from our part. We then had the competition and were thrilled with the resulting entries. We are in the bidding phase for the construction, and the plan made the process run smooth. We have also maintained contact with the winning architect and his input has been helpful.”

To view the competition please click here.

To view the implemented project please click here.

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