Irini: Feng Shui ICF Home, Indiana

“We were looking to build a house on a new lot that we purchased recently. I started searching for architects and found this new company which sounded very promising and more economical and diverse than working with just one architect. We ran the competition for the house floorplan for the month of October. The service arcbazar provides is so unique but it is so needed. The beauty of all is that we set the price for the project knew exactly how much it’s going to cost and had architects from all over the world to look at our project which would have been impossible otherwise. This is a great business concept for architecture, remodeling, and interior designing. We are thrilled to have found an architect who has envisioned and created what we wanted and all that happened with him just reading the list. We never spoke or met the architect during the competition; he just had the list and included everything in it. We look forward to working with him to complete the building process of our house. We are so happy with arcbazar’s service that we would like to run another competition in the future for the interior design/decorating of this house, too. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to build a custom home!”

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