Sandy: Master Suite addition floor plans, Minnesota

“ArcBazar is an online service that connects you with designers / space planners / architects around the globe to come up with solutions to your design challenges.  Their website collects your information and then serves it up to their registered designers.  You set the dollar amount you’re willing to pay, along with the time-frame you let the “competition” run.  You answer questions that arise during the competition and at the end you rank the submissions.It was great.

I was looking for help to space plan a remodel of a bedroom into a master suite. There are examples on their site that you can look at to try and get a sense of what information you should write up in your project description.  I emailed the support team to ask if they would review my info before i launched the project.  They did and gave me some great feedback. I launched the competition and logged in once a day to see if there were any questions posted on the project wall for me to answer…  I had over 20 designers sign up and 15 submit designs.  I ranked the designs and logged on the project my top 3 (in order) and then you can do some honorable mentions as well…

I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of a build/remodel project.  There’s no way that I could have gotten this many ideas from working with 1 person or firm…”

To view my competition please click here.


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