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With this robotic crib soothing your baby is no longer your problem

How many hours a day do you spend soothing your baby to sleep? As a new parent you probably often times feel like you are going insane having to take care of a thousand different things while functioning on very little sleep. Yves Béhar, a Swiss designer of Fuseproject, and a renowned pediatrician and author, Dr. Harvey Karp, may have a solution for you. They have created SNOO crib – a robotic crib with built-in sensors to monitor a baby’s crying and adjust its movement and sounds in an effort to soothe a baby.

SNOO, the Robotic Crib

“The question that Dr. Karp sought to answer was, Is there a way to utilize robotic technology, AI and design to create the world’s first smart baby sleeper; a bed that could automatically deliver the 5 S’s to calm infant crying and to help babies—and exhausted new parents—get more sleep?” explains Yves Béhar. For five years, fuseproject worked with Dr. Karp to develop a robotic bassinet that reacts to your baby’s cries and movements to replicate the 5 S’s, exactly the way Dr. Karp would himself.

robotic crib


This robotic crib creates a rocking motion that can endure millions of cycles. It also tries to train a baby’s circadian rhythms at an earlier age, which results in better sleep of the baby. Finally, the movements are accompanied by a range of white noises, which get automatically adjusted based on the baby’s sound level.

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As Fuseproject explains, each element of SNOO was highly considered for its safety, functional efficiency, visual and material quality, and comfort. There are three microphones to detect the baby’s cry and help differentiate it from outside noises. Below the mattress are the sensors, speakers and a robotic engine that power the intelligent response of SNOO. Underneath, the hairpin-style legs safely and beautifully support the entire assembly. The outer layer of textile mesh is firm with larger openings to facilitate the flow of fresh air and to make the baby visible inside the bassinet

And, as is mandatory for smart tech in this day and age, as a parent you can collect information on your smartphone and track it. Don’t worry, though, as a special shield inside the crib blocks the baby from the WiFi signal, but you also have the option of simply turning it off.

Some wonder whether a crib that will be used for only 6 months is worth the investment of over $1,000. We suppose new parents are the only ones who can answer that question.


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