Paula: Kitchen Remodeling Project, Georgia

“I love this concept. If you can upload pictures on your computer, you can use this service.! If you have a new construction, remodel, renovation or even landscape project you should check this site out before hiring an architect or designer. For the cost of the “reward” money (which YOU determine you want to spend … from $250.00 upward ) you will receive professional, dimension plans, renderings, elevations and perspective views from each designer who enters your competition. I ended up with 12 fantastic submissions to choose from. And with the outstanding software these professionals use, you receive photo-like renditions of your new design as well.
It works like this (using my project as an example): I uploaded pictures of my kitchen and filled out an information form stating my basic needs/wants for the redesign. We submitted very specific measurements, as prompted to do by the site. While filling out the information form, the site gives recommendations for an appropriate amount to spend on the “reward”, which is the ONLY cost to you. Ultimately, YOU determine the reward amount you want to offer, and the top three winning designers (which you rank), will split it, 60/30/10. You also determine the length of the contest. I personally set a 4 week limit for designers to submit. Once the contest expired, I had one week to rank the designs. Once I returned my decision, the top 3 split the reward, and I got to keep all 12 of the submissions.

All designers worked within the budget I gave them. I received extensive materials lists, and in some cases, even local resources to purchase the lighting, counter tops and cabinets they had depicted in their plans. (This was amazing to me – as none of the finalists were located in the US!) During the contest period, designers will post questions directly, so I was able to communicate with each one if needed. There were two in particular that I had asked to tweak an element one way or another, and was amazed with the real-time, open communication available to all who were working on the project.

What I loved about the entire process was the fact I received a dozen designs for less than the cost of hiring one local designer. So now – when I decide to move forward with the actual work – I can hire locally and there’s no guess work about what I want done, whether it can be done within budget, or how the finished product will look.

I will most definitely use this site again if the need arises.”

To view the competition, please click here.

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