Nancy: House Front, North Carolina

“For some time I had been wanting to re-do the front of my house and make it more attractive. I had no idea how to engage an architect that I would be sure to like. I worried that I would pay them lots of $ and maybe never be satisfied with the result. I found Arcbazar.com and decided to try it out. I deposited $500 (they recommended $750) into an escrow account that they held and uploaded photos of my house and gave a description of what I liked and what I wanted to change. I also uploaded photos of houses I liked even though they weren’t to same as my house.

I had people from all over the world sign up to enter the competition. I gave it 2 months since we were a month away from Christmas and I had many interactions with the participants who asked me specific questions such as dimensions of current windows, etc… I feel as though I got a very good deal and that an architect would have charged MUCH more. Plus, I had no way of knowing whether I would like the taste of just a single architect and that I’d be stuck paying someone who really didn’t understand what I wanted. I was very pleased with the entire process… I love what I got.”

To view the competition results, please click here.

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