A Tiny House That You Can Assemble In 4 Hours

Image source: Kodasema

Estonian design collective KODASEMA has created a tiny house, KODA, which is as perfect for anyone looking to get rid of clutter in their lives as it is environmentally efficient.

Tiny house on the go

The structure is primarily made of concrete. In 250 sq ft the company managed to squeeze in a living room, bath, storage and a terrace on the lower level as well as a sleeping area on the one above.

The house is perfect for people who want to remain in the comfort of their own home while travelling. “KODA is free-standing, not fixed to the ground, and its design and structure allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over. Dismantling and preparation for transport can therefore take as little as four to seven hours – even less if you simply want it to face a different direction. All of this gives you more freedom to make changes to suit your needs,” explains the company.


Green features

As the creators explain, with solar panels on the roof, KODA returns more power to the grid than it uses. Features like these mean that little or no energy is wasted:

  • use of smart systems
  • thin but well-insulated walls (with a U value of 0.1 W/m²K)
  • quadruple glazing (with a U value of 0.3 W/m²K) and
  • innovative LED lighting and architecture (which makes maximum use of sun).

As a result, the house can be used in remote settings for short periods of time.

koda tiny house winter

The finishing materials are completely non-toxic. “The amount and tone of light can be adjusted to suit our natural senses and pace of life. Noise, dust, bacteria, cold weather, winter gloom and summer heat are all kept outside thanks to the sturdy door, quadruple glazing and vacuum-insulated concrete walls. Red eyes, dry skin, environmental stress and any foggy thinking caused by excessive amounts of carbon dioxide are also a thing of the past,” according to KODA creators.

The house has been shortlisted for the Small Project prize at the World Architecture Festival 2016. The basic model will cost €85,000 (plus VAT) and the price includes furniture and automated IT functions.


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