Mary & Greg: New Front Porch and Enhance Curb Appeal, Indiana

“We had an architectural design contest to improve the façade and curb appeal of our home including rebuilding a front porch, walkway, front window, roofline and garage.

Overall the experience was as good or better than I expected.  The contest ran about 4 weeks.  16 architectural designers signed up for our project and 9 submitted completed designs – which I understand is about the average.  If we had offered more award money, I am sure those numbers could have been even larger.  We had architects from all over the world participate with about 1/3 coming from the US.  Designers could interact with you through a message wall with questions, etc.  The final submissions were anything from multi view architectural CAD renderings, to complete blueprints, to 3D animated designs.  At the end of the project you rate and rank the submissions and the top 3 designers split the award… Considering I investigated a similar project form an independent architect and they wanted at least $1500, if not more.   The risk is that you don’t get very many submissions (which probably means your award was commensurate with the scope of the project) or that you don’t get a design you like (you take what you get) but we had one design we favored but were also able to draw upon ideas from the other submissions.  You can also continue to work with the designer if you desire.  I will definitely use this sight for any similar needs in the future.   There are contests on this site for everything from landscaping, interior design/remodeling, architectural design, to full scale home design.”

To view the contest results please click here.

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