Lori: Design Rockin’ Tiny House, Rhode Island

“I set my contest to be a month long. I was worried that because my project was unique, a 8’x24′ long house. There were a lot of expectations. I was looking for something new, exciting and not the “norm”. I had several competitors ask excellent questions all during the competition. People signing up right until the last minute. In the end, I had 23 designers from all over the world signed up. I had the following countries sign up, United States, Italy, Romania, India, Ukraine, Indonesia, Switzerland, France, Canada, Bulgaria, Albania, Vietnam and Montenegro… On the site it does state that the average submission number is 9, so I received more than the average number. The quality of submissions for my contest ranged from okay to absolutely amazing! I did find a design that I absolutely love! I will be in contact with the designer to make some adjustments to make it perfect for me. Once I get a piece of land to put my house on, I will definitely be going back to get a landscaping competition! …No project is too big or too small. It was awesome seeing different takes on my write up of what I was looking for. I also posted the contest on my facebook page to follow the build of my house. A LOT of people liked different designs but the one I chose was a huge favorite.”

To view my contest, please click here.

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