Katherine: Design living room/dining room space in condo, Chicago, IL

“I entered an arcbazar competition to have a new interior design of my living room/dining room space. Our condo has an unusual floor plan for its living room/dining room space, and we have struggled for years to figure out a layout that was functional and looked nice.  We tried at one point with a local designer, and didn’t really like what he came up with.

We were incredibly happy with arcbazar’s designs! … We received 9 submissions, and I would say that 7 of them were really great.  There were 3 or 4 layouts that would have all worked — we ended up incorporating a few options together, and going with a design that we would have never come up with ourselves.  It looks really great!  It was also a fun and interesting process to see all the different versions of our apartment that could be possible.

… We got what I believe to be better ideas through “crowd sourcing” the design than we would have from working with a single designer.  Plus, a local designer would have cost more.  Finally, we were prepared to buy new furniture if needed.  However, we also gave the designers images of other furniture we had available in other rooms that could be incorporated.  The design we chose ended up going with uses only existing pieces.  So, I think that in the long run we saved a lot of money because we didn’t end up buying anything new as we had anticipated.  I like a lot of my old furniture much better in its new functional design!

I would definitely use arcbazar again in the future.”

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