Joe: Science High School – classroom renovation, Virginia

“Arcbazar facilitated a worldwide design competition to help our grammar school re-design its science lab. With limited PTA funds we were able to obtain multiple high-quality designs from seven architects residing in Albania, Serbia, India, Italy, and the US. The low-cost investment enabled us to quickly and affordably get to the first phase of our renovation project. The majority of the cost went to the prizes awarded to the Top 3 entries, with only a small portion going to Arcbazar for administration of the contest.

Arcbazar’s website makes creation of a contest quick, easy and affordable. The sponsor is able to detail out the requirements for the design, and the designers have the opportunity to post questions throughout the process. Posting of design files makes review of submissions very orderly, and the ranking page for final results is easy and well thought out. Arcbazar’s global reach afforded us the opportunity to work with designers from multiple countries who had varied solutions that were creative, clever, functional and aesthetic. Our particular contest ran for 4 weeks which enabled us to set exptecations with our PTA and keep on track with our timeline. The nice thing about having 7 design submissions is that we can pick the best facets of each to come up with our final plan. During the process I had the opportunity to talk with the support team at Arcbazar, and they always answered within 3 rings. They were great advisors for our project.”

To view the competition, please click here.

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