Janet: Janet & Jim’s Dream Kitchen, Ohio

“Using Arcbazar was a great experience from the beginning to end!  The website was easy to use and the communication was excellent. It was remarkable how easy, efficient, and non-time consuming it was obtaining these designs; no taking off work to let them in the house etc. The follow-up from Arcbazar was top-notched.

We had 13 designers from around the world sign up for our kitchen remodeling project and ended up with a total of 6 designs.  3 of these designs provided excellent ideas on how to rearrange our kitchen after knocking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen to open the space up; ideas we would have never thought of! Our first choice ended up being the design submitted from France! We love it!  It has a bit of a European feel to it; beautiful, welcoming, cozy, and very functional. After the kitchen is completed, we plan to use Arcbazar again for a basement remodeling project.”

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