Heidelberg, Germany is Getting a Stunning New Landmark

Heidelberg is a picturesque town on the Neckar River in southwestern Germany. It is home to such architectural treasures as Heidelberg University, founded in the 14th century. Pretty soon, it will be getting another landmark, or rather a re-designed version of an existing structure

Energy Park in Heidelberg

LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) was the winner of the competition to redesign an energy park and energy storage building in Heidelberg, Germany. It is meant to transform the current storage cylinder into a knowledge centre, tourist attraction and city icon. The storage center and park will be fully accessible to the public with city views. Check out the design. It’s stunning.

Heidelberg Energy Storage Center
Source: LAVA

Geometries of nature serve as the inspiration of a multi-layered facade structure. Tilted elliptical rings positioned around the cylinder continue in the outer façade with “energy loops” circling the structure and rising dramatically to the top. Around 20,000 diamond-shaped plates of thin stainless steel are hooked with a simple elastic connection in the meshes of this steel network allowing them to twist up to 90 degrees in the wind. “This number of plates matches the number of households supplied with energy by the network,” explained Tobias Wallisser, LAVA director.


At night, the static inner shell will be illuminated with blue, green, and white LED lighting mounted below the stairs.

“Visitors will experience this exciting place as a three-dimensional structure. Across a bridge, they will reach an elliptical entrance level. Two elevators take them on a journey, giving panoramic views as they are transported to a roof terrace with large staggered terraces and event spaces and a bistro. The emergency stairs are two vertical promenades of knowledge,” says Tobias Wallisser.

Source: LAVA
Source: LAVA

Construction will commence in 2017. The complex will be one of the tallest buildings in Heidelberg and will be a strong symbol of the transition towards renewables.

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