Destination this week: Saudi Arabia!

As our readers know, we try to stay in touch with our community as much as possible. Over the last few years we’ve been interviewing our designers, clients and investors to give you unique perspectives on how our platform brings together such a diverse group of people from all over the world. This week we had a chance to interview Ayman Osilan, a former client on Arcbazar and the Managing Partner of Macro Management Consulting, based in Saudi Arabia.

Ayman is a highly experienced marketing professional having worked in numerous industries over the last 10 years. Lately, he was primarily focused on the car accessories industry. He’s worked for one of the largest corporates in car accessories industry and not too long ago he decided to start his own shop. That’s how M360 was born. The idea was developed with a number of investors to offer to the market a unique and trendy car customization shop. However, before you can offer premier services to your clients, you have to have a space that would represent you as a brand. That’s where Arcbazar came in. M360 is not Ayman’s first venture. He developed food kiosks in shopping malls and, as such, has had much experience dealing with branding/design and construction project. So what brought him to Arcbazar? We, of course, asked that question. “We have an issue in the Saudi market,” explains Ayman, “where you can’t find a really good designer, and if there is one, it’s really expensive.” Luckily, a trusted friend recommended Arcbazar.

So, in August last year Ayman launched a competition on our platform to design the M360 Car Accessories shop. He received seven entries from designers and architects from the United States, Mexico, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and UAE. Here are some snapshots of the top three designs:

1st place m360_62nd placePHOTO-1 3rd place 04-CAR store-scala100-other plan

We were so excited to see the results of the implementation of the winning design. While it required some modifications to be able to complete the project on the budget, with the help of an experienced construction engineer, Ayman was able to implement the design!

The overall design was trendy, and it matched the branding color code we provided in the brief. But also, the design was efficient and functional in allowing me to use a lot of the decoration for storage, which was crucial for my shop as I had limitations on the size of the shop and how many cars it can service at the same time.

Check it out for yourself with these design vs. implementation images. implementation 1

implementation 2

implementation 3

We are also happy to report that M360 has had its soft opening and is currently servicing cars for a selected group. The official launch is coming up next month.

Ayman is not a newcomer to the concept of crowdsourcing having used it for business needs in the past. “Arcbazar enabled me to access global designers, so I was truly getting different options according to each designer background from his/her own country. This really helps with the exclusivity of the different designs. If I dealt with a local designer, on the other hand, even if he offers me 3 options, they wouldn’t be really distinct options,” says Ayman as we discuss the advantages offered to businesses by crowdsourcing. “The price of posting the competition was really competitive to what’s offered by designers here in the traditional market,” continues Ayman. Finally, “being a trendy and up to date platform, I expected it to offer me the trendy and unique designs I was looking for, more than the traditional architects.”

It definitely looks like Arcbazar and its network of designers did not disappoint Ayman as just a couple of months later he launched another competition for a Coffee Shop, for which he received 27 (!) submissions.

1st place turkish5coffe9082nd place Picture13rd place Picture2

Ayman has once again shared the images from the implementation process, the design of which is inspired by various submissions. implementation coffee shop

We congratulate Ayman on such a successful development of his projects and definitely hope to see more of his competitions in the future. As a return client of Arcbazar, we asked him to share some tips with other businesses and home owners who consider launching a competition on our platform on how to ensure a successful outcome. “The Brief is the most important part,” he explains. “Spend some time to do a good job on the brief. The better brief should at least include: details on the space, ease of understanding, inclusion of suggested themes, likeable benchmarks of design, branding color code / guidelines, name of the shop / project, and any other do’s and don’ts for the designers). You should be as clear as possible because you’re dealing with designers from all over the world and some of them don’t necessarily know a lot about your culture, so you have to include all necessary details.” The process should not stop there, cautions Ayman. “You shouldn’t just forget the project after you submit the brief. You should continually follow up with the platform as usually the designers would have additional questions of any items that were omitted in the brief. It’s just natural that you forget something very clear in the brief and thus answering any questions by the designers would ensure that all designer get better results.”

We are truly lucky that we get to work with such an international group of people. This week we virtually traveled to Saudi Arabia. A few weeks ago it was New Zealand; before that we spoke to a client in Chicago. Where to next?

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