Daniel: Home Interior, Bel-Air, California

“Excellent service.  I was seeking detailed renovation design and interior decoration ideas for an entire house I recently purchased.  Most people pick one or a few rooms.  This was the entire house of 2,300 square feet.  I uploaded about  100 photos of the interior and exterior, as well as a floor plan with dimensions which I created.  I stated my approximate budget, and my thoughts on some possible new construction.  About 25 designers from all over the world submitted to participate.  About 10 designers submitted their final plans and ideas.  They asked questions along the way about how I planned to use the house and what I cared about.

I was surprised about the amount of time invested by each.  I was pleased to see many design plans and alternatives, rather than paying a fee of three times as much to one local person for only one design.  Several entries were by talented architects who showed me how to move walls to accommodate extra bedrooms, and how to create a more modern flow in the house.  Some submissions had a greater focus on the furniture and for each piece suggested there was a website link list to allow me to find the exact store to order it from, and their price.  In the end, I will likely combine parts of the plan from the two architects, the bathroom layout and finishes from a different submission, and the furniture suggestions of several different submissions, by room.  The presentations submitted by each looked like photographs of an after development…  These were very professional efforts, and useful to me.”

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