Craig: Boston Loft Interior, Massachusetts

“Setting up my contest was easy.

1. I wrote a description of what I was looking for.
2. I chose the prize money based on my criteria.
3. I picked a deadline of 6 weeks.
4. I attached photos and floor plans of my spaced

Once done setting up, I reviewed that everything looked good. I then launched the contest. Arcbazar announced my new contest on Facebook and notified their designer contacts. I soon had designers signing up and posting questions using the “Wall” feature. This is where you exchange info with the designers for everyone to see. I ended up adding much more detailed floor plans and pictures, and answering a lot of questions for the next 6 weeks. I had 42 designers sign up from all over the world. I ended up receiving 16 submissions. It was a great experience. I got a ton of ideas. The hardest part was picking the top 3 designs, since there were incredible ideas from many of them. The quality of the submissions varied from designer to designer. Most provided high quality materials that were easy to follow. There were a few that were more amateur than the rest of the designs.

The customer service was awesome! Ana was always very responsive and friendly… I would highly recommend Arcbazar to friends and family. I had a great experience and am really happy that I used them.”

To view the competition, please click here.

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