Burch: Home – Curb Appeal, Texas

“Arcbazar hosts design contests.   Mine was a curb appeal contest.  I am going to replace the exterior/siding and wanted some design ideas as well as some basic landscaping ideas.

The process was a lot of fun.

You simply submit your requirements.  This could be pretty much anything – bathroom upgrade, new home, really just about anything.  In my case it was a curb appeal project on a budget.  I submitted pictures of my home as well as some site dimensions.  You then specify how much you would like to spend and how long the entrants have to submit proposals.  The website suggests a price but it is really up to you how much you want to spend.  This part was a little tricky for me.  I really didn’t have anything to go by and to be honest the amount the website proposed was more than I wanted to spend.  I ended up browsing the other contests to sort of see what others were doing.  In the end I think I ended up with a price I was comfortable with and got a fair amount of entries. During the contest, the entrants can (and did) post questions on “the wall”.  Any time someone either entered or posted something, you get an email indicating so.  That was a really nice feature.  You always knew what activity was taking place. …

This was a fun experience.  The website is extremely easy to use.  No extra bells and whistles to clutter things up.  The folks at arcbazar are helpful as well.  When I originally set things up, I did not really give my project a very descriptive name. Ana emailed me to suggest something better and offered to change it for me.  Quiet helpful.

I would definitely do this again for any project.  It was especially helpful for me because I really didn’t have a good idea in mind, so it gave me a lot of ideas.”

To view my competition please click here.


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